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    …Fast reliable connectivity for businesses and homes in the Bournemouth, Poole and Surrounding areas.

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  • Business Broadband

    Up to 50mbps Download speed – 8mbps upload

    3 packages to choose from: Business Start, Total and Premium from £50 per month.

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  • Broadband for your home

    Up to 100Mbps download speed – 20Mbps upload

    4 packages to choose from, starting at £29.99 per month.

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Private Virtual Circuits (Juice PVC)

Private Virtual Circuits (Juice PVC) We specialise in connecting a to b, using our innovative product Juice PVC. If your business needs to connect to a warehouse a mile away, or maybe link branches together, from one side of Poole to the other side of Bournemouth, or even to the other side of the country, not only can we help, but we can provide a reliable solution at competitive prices. If you already have a leased line, perhaps delivered by cable or fibre, then we can help there too, with our product you can have a second link, completely diverse from your existing line, so in the event your land based product fails, ours can take over, keeping you up and running 24/7. We can also supply our internet service, and PVC together on the same connection, or from 2 separate connections depending on your business needs. Get in touch today for a quote.
  • Welcome to


    …Fast reliable connectivity for businesses and homes in the bournemouth, Poole and Surrounding areas.

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  • Richard McAvoy

    Bomb Cosmetics

    Another happy customer.

    Prior to installing Juice Broadbands service our ADSL connection was between 1-3mb download and 0.5mb upload. We now have an affordable, steady 30mb connection with potential to increase bandwidth as our business grows. Installation was painless and a site survey was conducted before we signed up to ensure we would get a good signal.

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