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Better Broadband Tips

Get the most out of your broadband with our better broadband tips. You can use these as a starting point for self-checking your broadband and Wi-Fi service. We’re adding more tips all the time so check back for regular updates.

Basic checks
  • Connect to your router directly using an ethernet cable and perform a speed test to see what speeds you are currently getting. Take a note of the results at different times of the day and see how this compares to the package you are paying for. It is best to disconnect all other devices from your router (both wired and wireless) while performing a speed test otherwise those devices could be using your connection (bandwidth) while you are trying to test it, resulting in your speed test not being a true representation of your connection speed.
  • If you are experiencing slowdowns try restarting your router and your devices and then try again. It may sound simple but like any technology routers can have bugs and glitches that can affect performance. This quick and basic check ensures you are starting afresh and can often speed things up.
  • For broadband services supplied over a phone line, ensure your router is left on as much as possible. Turning your router off and on too much can give the equipment at the other end of your line the impression that there is a fault. The equipment will then slow down your connection to try and combat this “fault”. Switching your router off and on occasionally will not cause this to happen.
  • Connect as many devices as possible to your router via a wired (ethernet) connection. This will free up space (bandwidth) on your Wi-Fi for devices that cannot be connected to your router via a cable, improving your service experience. If you run out of ports, you can connect a device called a switch to your router to give you more ports. These are available from most IT retailers.
Check your router’s location
  • For the best Wi-Fi coverage, ensure your router is positioned centrally in the area you wish to cover, and that it is as high as possible on a table or shelf and not the floor. This will help the signal to travel as far as possible.
  • Make sure your router is located away from metal objects, sources of interference and other electrical devices such as baby monitors, microwaves, dimmer switches, fairy lights and TVs. These can all impact performance and degrade your service.
Check what is running
  • Close any unnecessary applications and shut off any devices that are not being used. Unused applications and devices can often use up bandwidth and processing time on both your computer and your router, impacting other services.
  • Where possible, set any backups or cloud synchronisations to run overnight when your internet is not being used. This can help avoid slowdowns during the day. Cloud applications can often consume a lot of bandwidth in the background without you knowing, causing other services on your connection to become slow and unresponsive.
  If you are a Juice Broadband customer and have checked all of these points and are still having an issue, please get in touch.
  • Welcome to


    …Fast reliable connectivity for businesses and homes in the bournemouth, Poole and Surrounding areas.

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  • Richard McAvoy

    Bomb Cosmetics

    Another happy customer.

    Prior to installing Juice Broadbands service our ADSL connection was between 1-3mb download and 0.5mb upload. We now have an affordable, steady 30mb connection with potential to increase bandwidth as our business grows. Installation was painless and a site survey was conducted before we signed up to ensure we would get a good signal.

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